If only there’s a tool for designers to …

Talked to ** Thursday night about his opinions about a git for designers. Currently they use a system very similar to Redmine to track their tasks, and he personally uses workflowy.com to track his todo list, but there’s no such thing as git to keep the history of his work. But different from what I expected, they don’t really need to revert or use a previous version. The reason why he wants version control is that every time a new design is finished, all people related would get notified, so that he wouldn’t spend a lot of time communicating about updating assets for projects with devs and PMs. Sending notifications such as emails to them is plausible but can be annoying since updates of design can happen frequently. So if all the design work can be updated just like a submodule in git, it would save designers a lot of unnecessary communication time. I also came up with linking urls to the projects, but since all images need to be added to the app bundle for both iOS and android (not like web pages), it’s not plausible. Also, I think it would be nice to put custom tags to assets to mark the milestone or “footstone“. Well there are actually 2 problems here:

The main problem is to update to all related people the latest version. Possible ways are: 1. somehow link Dropbox changes to git, 2. make a new application to handle it.

The minor problem is to help designers manager their design history, which is less inter-platform and pain in the ass but has a more general use case. 



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