Quotes from Facebook VP Jeff Rothschild


前天参加了North America Chinese Startup Contest,请来了Facebook VP开个场,随手记下些不错的句子。


Product A is a blah blah blah that avoids using product B because B is not good enough.

看了很多产品和描述,有两种不错,一种把一个成功的模式从一个领域搬到另一个领域,描述成“汽车领域的airbnb”。另一种是改进已有产品,就用上面这种描述。Fetchnotes可以说是note taking application领域的Twitter,也可以说是做了Evernote没有handle好的功能。


Reward failures.

鼓励冒险,而不是循规蹈矩,be a pirate!


Building up emotional engagement is the most important to a team. 



Learn how failure propagates to other services.



There’s value in hard stuff. Learn more than you need to.



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