Notes and thoughts from Jack Dorsey‘s presentation in UofM


Pay when you don’t feel you are paying.

Square做的不仅仅是制造一个模块让更多人能刷卡或者提供方便,更在竭力完改善整个pay experience。在常去的咖啡厅,报上名字、接过常点的咖啡和点心、走出门就可以了,不需要掏钱包、不需要找卡、不需要现金找零,支付在整个过程中像不存在一样,你只需享用醇香的咖啡和服务员亲切的问候就可以了。——> 能改善的,不仅仅是便捷,记得关注整个体验。

The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed.


You can’t be too reactive to your competitors. You need to weigh what they are doing.


Random thoughts:

Change how ppl exchange things. Not anything can work, but abstract things. Abstract things for real goods.

Time as an exchange. For any services.

How everyday is divided.

Airbnb type share alcohol.

Supermarket checkout experience.

Ticket system.

Restaurant order system.

Name card exchange. Transparent card. Image taking. Navigation.

File exchange.

2.75%, something that the payers didn’t know about. Eliminate threshold created by monopoly.

Public wish list.